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“This week will be the 4th edition of South by Southwest Education (SXSWedu) and I have been to every one of them.  This year feels, somehow, different from those first three years and I’m hoping that is a good thing.” That is what I wrote this past weekend prior to arriving for the first day of SXSWedu.

 As I said in part one of this post, I have found many sessions that I want to attend and I have found myself wanting to leave school and get over to the convention center as soon as possible each day because there really is a lot of stuff to learn. And I’ve tried to keep my guilt low – but it’s getting harder to even feel guilty because I’m learning so much.

So here goes my Wednesday:  As I start my day I will  orient the day around making the “An Ecosystem Model to Scale Education Innovation” session.  The title might be scary but the panelists are people I want to hear from. That starts at noon so I’ll need to work in things prior and that will depend upon when I actually get here.

If I get here by 10:30 I’ll be going to one of three sessions. The one that sounds the most entertaining will be “Startups Should Talk With Researchers and Educators” with the self described trouble maker Audrey Watters.  Then there is “Education Equality: Is Common Core Enough?” and “ConnectED: The Future of Learning.

After the noon session I’ll be hitting one or two sessions before I see Wendy Davis, who is speaking on “Great Schools: A Vision for the Future.” Possibilities include “Teacher Level UP! Gamification of PD” and “Reverse Engineering to Teach Design in High School.

Thursday is the last day, so I’m not sure what I’ll get to see but some things I’m hoping for include: “Making BYOD Work For Not Against You!,” ” Blurred Lines: Seamless Competency Across Grades,” and ” Competency-Based Learning: Lessons From the Field.”

At Noon I’ll be heading to see Jeffrey
Tambor at the closing keynote: “Performing Your Life
in The Classroom
then there’s the closing BBQ.

I look forward to writing my reflection
post this weekend. It will take me a few days to wrap my head around all of the
great things I’ve seen and learned.

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