As a first year teacher doing Project Based Instruction (PBI), I am working my little rear end off and I’m not even doing a great job! So, with very little time to breath, I have come up with things I plan on looking at during the summer as part of my personal PD. This list came from bookmarks on my laptop. They include sites I heard about from people on twitter or from the blogs of people I follow on Twitter. That’s right from my Personal Learning Network or PLN. The full list includes websites, blogs, apps, and other neat things. But, for this blog post I’m just listing the first 10. You may find some of these things interesting or, maybe, you might have some experience with an item and you can help me in my quest for learning. Either way I hope you find this list fun. Feel free to add anything you think I should look at in the comments section.

My Summer Professional Development List:

1) Geo-caching 2)TI Math Forward and TI N-Spire 3) iShowU 4)The Futures Channel 5) NCTM Illuminations 6) 7) Peak Achievement 8) mySMARTspaces 9) Voicethread 10) Diigo

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