Today our son, Tommy, headed to camp for 2 weeks. That means that last night we were making sure everything that was required was packed and that his name was on each pair of clothing. Normal stuff that parents do all over this country during the summer.

     This is actually the second time Tommy has attended this camp and we are thrilled for his return. As with the normal routine of parents, Tommy has been telling us multiple times over the last few days that he really doesn’t want to go to camp. We keep reminding him of the fact that two years ago, when we picked him up from camp, he actually cried and was a mess for a couple of days because he missed the routine and camaraderie of the other campers.

     The other thing he missed, and is the reason the camp is so great, is the leadership of the administrators of the camp Steven and Susie Baskin. Just like in the military or any large corporation, the leaders can really effect the overall aura of a place and this is definitely true with the Baskins.

     And so today we dropped him off at the camp to begin is 13 days of adventure. He was still a little apprehensive when we got there but the best thing that could have happened did as we walked from the car: he ran into his counselor from two years ago. This was the counselor he kept crying about missing and who we weren’t totally sure would be there again so we hadn’t said anything about this possibility. But, there he was. And, he knew Tommy immediately and there were hugs and smiles and we all knew it would be OK.

     This camp, Camp Champions, is in the Hill Country of Texas and sits on Lake LBJ which is a constant level lake. We were worried that the lake would be really low since Texas is in such a severe drought but it was a beautiful scene of water craft, docks, and other water “toys.” We took a stroll along the docks so Tommy could show us his “favorite thing”- a rope swing out over the water that must be able to get you more than 10 feet in the air.

     But water sports aren’t the only activities.  If you name it there’s probably a way to do it at Camp Champions.  If you want a taste go here and watch the video they have for campers (past, present, and future) to watch on the camp website.  

     I know, tonight, Tommy is probably a bit homesick.  I know, tonight, that he is probably a bit stressed and worried.  But I also know that tonight, for the first time in 2 years, Tommy will be starting an adventure that he will remember for the rest of his life.  Thank you Steve-Sir and Susie-Ma’am for having such a great camp and making Tommy-Sir part of your family.


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