The current state of affairs here in the great state of Texas has me realizing that no teacher is safe and every teacher needs to start the “what if…” discussion with themselves and anyone else significant in their lives.

     Unfortunately I have seen this coming for quite a while and I have been going through the emotional roller coaster of how to deal with the thought of no income from me in the next two school years.

     That’s the other thing that we Texas teachers get to deal with: The Biannual Budget.  You see we may make it through this coming school year but will money even be tighter next year forcing teacher layoffs for the 2012/2013 school year?   Will this pressure ever stop?

     So, what would I do if I could get a year or two off and (the big lie) money were no option?  Well to start with, I have been saying for about 10 years that I need another degree.  This time I need the PHD or EdD after my name.  What’s great about waiting so long is that I don’t have to get it in anything other than an area of interest because I’m too old to be getting it “to get the perfect administrative job.”

     While working on my degree I would like to be working with an educational foundation, a higher education position (university/college), or with a company dealing with education.  That would, in my perfect world, free me up to attend conferences that matter to me but are way too expensive in both cost and time in my current world.  I would attend Educon, TCEA, ISTE, SXSWedu and SXSWi, NCTM, TED (and all of its offsprings of the TEDx variety).

     Because of how active I would be in social media and in networking at each of these conferences, I would be invited to attend other, more localized, events that I have only heard mentioned via twitter.  I would be invited to speak on conference panels and sit on panels looking at better ways to educate our children.

     Best of all I would get to meet and talk with some of the great educators I have met (virtually, via twitter) from Canada, Australia, and many more countries.  Those Canadians, in particular, would invite me up for some education talk and to see some great hockey and curling and we’d sit by the fire drinking Labatts…..Sorry, I got a bit carried away…

     Let’s see, is my Linkedin up to date?….

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  2. Hey Chris – I went to your LinkedIn link – and there's no Chris Fanch there. (Not a guilt trip for you!!) There is always more to do in this professional improvement arena. My personal list is really long!

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