I avoided this post for a while now.  I started writing it and stopped many times.  But I just can’t stand back any more.

There are people who want teachers to be allowed to have firearms on campus.  I can go on and on about why I think this is wrong but, instead, I offer this contract that I want EVERY teacher, who wants to be in the same building as me and carry a weapon, to sign:
        The following agreement is made between myself (the undersigned) and all parents, teachers, administrators, and students in _____________________ (name of school/school district)

                1.  I will attend annual firearm and use of deadly force training each year at my own expense.
                2.  I will send a letter to all parents of my students that I have a firearm in my classroom and I agree to allow any students whose parents are uncomfortable with my possession of a firearm change classrooms to another teacher.
                3.  I will clean my weapon, at least once a month, off of the school premises.  And, I will let the principal or other administrator know that this has been completed.
                4.  I will, at all times, keep the firearm and the bullets separated and stored where students are unable to find them.
                5.  I agree to allow unannounced inspections, by police or other state sanctioned representatives, to verify I am following these rules.
                6.  I agree to discharge my firearm, when the need arises, in a manner that will stop the possibility of harm to students, faculty, or innocent visitors to my school.  I further understand that discharging my firearm may hurt, maim, or kill anyone between myself and the person I am firing at.  And, when necessary, I am prepared to kill the person causing harm to others.
               7.   I agree to psychological testing, by a school district or other state sanctioned psychologist, upon signing this agreement and, again, every three years from this date.

     I hold a concealed weapons certification dated __________________ and do hereby sign this agreement without reservation.  Signed this ___(day) of _____(month), _______(year)
If you want to carry a weapon then do so.  After 20 years in the military I don’t have a big problem being around people with firearms.  However, I do have a problem with people carrying them without facing the fact that they are then telling me that they will use it to protect me, my children, and any other innocent person in my building.  I will NEVER carry a weapon and find no reason to do so.   I want to know that others are prepared to kill someone so that good people may live.  Just give me that psychological test first – please.

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  1. There is one big problem with your proposal – if everyone knows who the armed teachers are, they become the first targets of a shooter and lose their effectiveness. That's why concealed carry is so effective. No one should know who is carrying except the police department who could do the training.

  2. Although, I would argue that the nutballs who come in wouldn't be smart enough to have that information. If they did it's a terrorist attack and not a nutball. But, thank you for commenting. I was surprised more people didn't comment on this post. Hope you had a great holiday and Happy New Year!

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