5th Anniversary Post

https://www.flickr.com/photos/wolfsoul Last night I was participating in the #educoach chat and people started talking about starting to blog. I almost tweeted that I wrote my first post on St. Patty’s Day, 2011. But I stopped and checked the date and I was off by 2 years!  So now I realized that I have been writing posts […]

Does Your Project Pass the Eye-Test?

http://www.flickr.com/photos/socialmediarts/ I have been on Twitter since just a few months after they announced who they were at SXSW in 2007. And I have been following the #pblchat on Twitter since, well, I was one of the folks who talked about creating it. So I’ve been there since the beginning. As pbl (project based learning) […]

My Brain Hurts (and that’s a good thing)

http://goo.gl/Jjjpz8 As stated in my last post, Wow, What a Difference!(SXSWedu 2014), “…we need you here. Here, of course being SXSWedu 2015.  Well it seems I am not alone in thinking this. A couple of folks who I palled around with wrote great posts about their experiences this year and are ready to get you […]

Wow, What a Difference! (SXSWedu 2014)

Official Logo Four years. The time it takes for the average student to go from middle school to college. The time it took me to go from high school grad to college grad. And you might say SXSWedu has gone from middle school to college in their first four years. Four years ago, like a […]

Year 4 at SXSWEdu – My Schedule (Wed, Thu) Part 2 of 2

Official Logo “This week will be the 4th edition of South by Southwest Education (SXSWedu) and I have been to every one of them.  This year feels, somehow, different from those first three years and I’m hoping that is a good thing.” That is what I wrote this past weekend prior to arriving for the […]

Year 4 at SXSWEdu – My Schedule (Mon/Tue) Part 1 of 2

Official Logo This week will be the 4th edition of South By Southwest Education (SXSWedu) and I have been to every one of them. This year feels, somehow, different from those first three years and I’m hoping that is a good thing. The first thing I noticed (about myself) is that I am planning times […]

If You Had Asked Me About TCEA 2014

Carolyn Foote at TCEA14 (@technolibrary) This is not a “bash the conference” post. It’s not designed to be negative at all.  So as I progress please keep that in mind. This is my 4th or 5th TCEA conference that I have attended and it has gotten B I G! This morning I arrived about 30 […]

Am I Ready to Scrap Three Letters – P, B, & L ?

http://www.flickr.com/photos/prettywarstl/ Let’s face it. PBL is now THE buzz-word in education. But anyone who has “taught with PBL as their primary mode of instruction” (sticking finger down throat) realizes that this thing we call PBL is just GOOD TEACHING PRACTICES. PERIOD. Or is it ??? I was in grad school in 1992 and was being […]

How Much Time For Personal Growth Do You Have?

http://www.flickr.com/commons/ It’s Saturday. Do you: Play 18? Visit some garage sales? Go to that winery you’ve read about? Do yard work? Grade papers? Other? Everybody has the same amount of hours in the week and days in the year. And, each month has 8 weekend days. Many (most) of the teachers I have worked with […]

Two Weeks to a Habit (Running Style)

Today’s Google Search Seems like I have always heard that it just takes two weeks of doing things for them to become a habit. So I thought I’d see who said that first. The image to the left is my attempt at answering that question. Today is the 20th day of the year. We’ve just […]