Life Threw Me a Curveball      In October of last year I submitted a job application and resume to the New Tech Network/Knowledge Works to become an instructional coach for some of the schools in the network.  I had been working on my PBL skills and knowledge for 3 years, I had spoken on PBL at conferences, and […]

Thoughts on Vendor Areas at Conferences {NOTE: After writing this last weekend I started putting in links and realized it was almost identical to my post from Feb.7 .  Guess the thoughts in that post resonated with me. } Last week was the Texas Computer Educators Association (TCEA) annual conference and I was fortunate enough to have an understanding principal […]

What’s Important in a Conference? I don’t have any money.  Let’s put that right up front.  My district?  We’re in Texas – no money there either.   So today I’m attending TCEA 2012 and I’m spending the day with folks I have met through twitter and folks I haven’t had a chance to meet yet but am glad I’m […]