My Brain Hurts (and that’s a good thing) As stated in my last post, Wow, What a Difference!(SXSWedu 2014), “…we need you here. Here, of course being SXSWedu 2015.  Well it seems I am not alone in thinking this. A couple of folks who I palled around with wrote great posts about their experiences this year and are ready to get you […]

Wow, What a Difference! (SXSWedu 2014)

Official Logo Four years. The time it takes for the average student to go from middle school to college. The time it took me to go from high school grad to college grad. And you might say SXSWedu has gone from middle school to college in their first four years. Four years ago, like a […]

Year 4 at SXSWEdu – My Schedule (Wed, Thu) Part 2 of 2

Official Logo “This week will be the 4th edition of South by Southwest Education (SXSWedu) and I have been to every one of them.  This year feels, somehow, different from those first three years and I’m hoping that is a good thing.” That is what I wrote this past weekend prior to arriving for the […]

Year 4 at SXSWEdu – My Schedule (Mon/Tue) Part 1 of 2

Official Logo This week will be the 4th edition of South By Southwest Education (SXSWedu) and I have been to every one of them. This year feels, somehow, different from those first three years and I’m hoping that is a good thing. The first thing I noticed (about myself) is that I am planning times […]

Professional Development Planners Need Our Help On Wednesday I was able to sit through (survive) the first day of a three day professional development about literacy. Thursday morning, prior to walking to the PD,  I put up a post about not being negative and helping teachers instead of being angry with them. How are these two events connected? Well, I […]

It’s All About the Conversations Anyone who has ever attended an Educon event knows that conversations are the key to having successful learning experiences at conferences. In the standard conference we attend sessions where people talk to us, in a lecture format, and there may, or may not be time for questions. To truly have time to discuss what […]

PBL Session WIth BIE’s Alfred Solis

        When I saw the schedule of sessions here at SXSWEdu this year I instantly saw the trade mark “8 Essential Elements” of PBL and knew it had to be from one of the incredible members of the National Faculty with  And I was right.  It was their nearly-famous (at least in PBL […]

Greetings From the SXSWEdu Blogger Lounge

  First day in the Blogger Lounge at SXSWEdu.  We’re located on the fourth floor fairly close to the Registration Desk.  The lounge is being presented by Compass Learning and will have interviews of key presenters at various times each day.  For example I’mm listening to an interview with Paul Smith of  LearnSprout as I’m writing […]

That Left Out Feeling      Ah, summer.  That time when teachers pack up their classrooms and move to the pool or the beach.  They are out there hiking, fly fishing, and sailing.  Isn’t it great only working about 40 weeks of the year!  That’s 12 weeks of kicking back and doing nothing.      If only that […]

What A PBL Teacher Does on Vacation       Today is the first day of my Spring Break and I am relaxing by watching NCAA Basketball, keeping tabs on SXSWi, thinking about how I will be mentoring a school doing a school-wide pbl, and planning my classes for when the break ends.      There are teachers who will not do […]