Using Checklists in A Rubrics World (of PBL)     Right up front I want to tell everyone that this idea was not originally mine.  And, even though my co-teacher championed this approach and convinced me to do this it is not his original thought either.  But, if I want to give credit to anyone I will give him credit for encouraging […]

Project Two Reflection      As we start to wrap up our second project it is time to write down some reflections.  Some of you may take this and run with it as a project but I assure you this is only the shell and there is much more that needs to be added to really make […]

You Need to Teach How to be in a Group      Next week is our first week of school and that means, yet again, we need to teach our Freshmen how to work in a PBL environment.  When every class is being taught this way it means that in every class they will be working in groups of 2 to 5 people.  In […]