You Want to See Power of Twitter?

Official Skyrim Logo At approximately 9:40 PM I opened Twitter and saw this tweet from my friend Bianca Hewes in Australia:  “Gonna buy an X-Box and some games for English faculty to help us teach games as texts. Can anyone suggest games with strong narratives?” I stepped away from the computer and talked with my […]

PLN’s Help When You Least Expect It

On October 3, 2007 I opened my Twitter account. My wife had been on for a while (since it was introduced to the public the Spring before at the SXSW conference). If you go onto Twitter and look me up (@cfanch ) you’ll see that I have one list of people to follow: Edpros.  Most […]

Crowd Sourcing Ideas for Getting Started in PBL      I’ve been asked to present and coach teachers at the Elementary and Middle School level on how to get started with PBL.  That topic, (How to Get Started…), has been shared with me through many meaningful professional developments with the New Tech Network.  I have also read books by the Buck Institute, […]

Maybe 2012 Is The Year

     This morning I opened my laptop and within seconds I was reading a thought-provoking blog post by one of the hundreds of educators I follow on Twitter.  When I clicked on the link I didn’t know whether it would be silly, serious, strange, or salient.  But, because it was posted by someone in […]

When You Need Insentive      I started the night beating myself up because I had written 44 posts this year but it had been over a month since my last post.  I even stated in on Twitter: “ Beating myself up for not posting on my blog in over a month. I had 44 posts this year and […]