Connecting Live With Educators December 15, 2015. That’s the date on this draft post I was thinking about writing. It is the second of my 10 “draft” posts I have on my blog. I’m about to shift this blog over to WordPress and away from Blogger. I have 276 blog posts altogether. Most were written over a 4 […]

This Summer Put Something Into Your Sea Bag Early on in my 20 year Navy career I got great advice from a veteran sailor. He said to remember to put something into your sea bag whenever you have a unique experience. If that experience was bad, remember how it happened so you won’t repeat it. If that experience was great, remember how […]

The Post was originally published in December 2009

Assessment in a PBI Environment? How?       Whenever I talk with someone who is considering using Project Based Instruction (PBI) in their classroom I can be assured that the topic of assessment will be one of the first questions asked. Assessment, both formative and summative, is a topic that is guaranteed to bring out opinions from […]

Questioning Normalcy Educon 2.4 came to a close but is far from finished.  The conversations started there will continue in the hallways and faculty lounges around the world and in online discussions via blogs, Facebook, and Twitter.   The overarching word du jour was Innovation. We heard what it was and what it wasn’t. We dissected it […]

Educon 2.4 First Day Reflection “Wow!  My head hurts, but in a good way.”  How many times did I hear some version of that statement tonight.  Yes, it hurts your brain to question what you are doing.  It hurts your brain to question what others are saying they are doing.  And, it hurts your brain to stand firm on […]

Sometimes You Just Have to Drop Back and Punt      This week we came back to school and we were in mid-project.  When my co-teacher and I met on the return teacher work day we discussed the fact that we were not really happy with how the project had gone and we determined that we might just have to wrap it up […]

National Day of Blogging for Real Education Reform

Courtesy Scooter-Flix “A grassroots effort to help create and support education reform.”  That’s what they said it would be – this day of National Blogging for Real Education Reform.  In this time of financial crisis we need to figure out how to do this reform while minimizing any additional costs to our public education system. […]