It’s Time For a Project It’s that time of year again for many (most?) of us in the K-12 world of the United States to deal with standardized testing. And there are many teachers who have been waiting until “that test is over” to start a pbl project. There are some of you who can’t see past the […]

You Want Me To Do What? Creating School Culture.      Last week I sat down and took a serious look at what I need to do between now and the first day of school and I had to pause and shake my head (while saying “holy crap!”)  It was one of those days.      So, this transition thing – how hard […]

5 Quick Reasons to “Do PBL” It was like shooting ducks on the pond as my Grandfather used to say.  I walked in turned on Tweetchat to get ready for the chat on pbl (#pblchat) and there it was.  “MrsIsbellsClass RT @PBLChat: Anyone? Reply to=> @gavhays: Why do pbl? #parrapbl #PBLChat ”     How could I resist that?  So I sent 3 tweets with a total […]

Project Two Reflection      As we start to wrap up our second project it is time to write down some reflections.  Some of you may take this and run with it as a project but I assure you this is only the shell and there is much more that needs to be added to really make […]

Assessment in a PBI Environment? How?

Whenever I talk with someone who is considering using Project Based Instruction (PBI) in their classroom I can be assured that the topic of assessment will be one of the first questions asked. Assessment, both formative and summative, is a topic that is guaranteed to bring out opinions from educators and this is magnified by […]