Conference Preparations    As I get ready for the New Tech Conference in Grand Rapids I have been hearing lots of commentary by teachers on what they are bringing.   Invariably I hear them lamenting the costs of checking baggage.   But, in our world (home), the thought of checking bags is a non-starter.  “Do NOT […]

New Tech Conference Planning      It’s almost time for the New Tech Network‘s annual conference for all schools in the network.  As I get mentally ready for the conference there are things to think about, sure, but I just received a tweet from a new teacher ” what should I do at the conference?”  Well, here’s the […]

Sometimes It’s Hard Being a Guy….     This week there was a blog post which was the first in a series of posts by “Emma,” a New Technology High School teacher with her thoughts on teaching 21st Century skills.        The post was brought to our attention by our school’s coach and, unfortunately for me, I decided to read it.  […]