Fix Those Problems (Math Teaching 101) First, and foremost, I am a student of instruction.  My resume says I have taught math from 6th grade to college algebra; I taught middle school science; I taught introduction to engineering design and digital electronics at the high school level. And, I facilitate teachers in using project based and problem based instruction (PBL). […]

Loving What I See At Our School

Today I was able to get into a few of our math classes. I started with two of our 6th grade classes. Since they plan with me and we all plan together, I knew that they would be teaching the exact same concept but we really push the idea that every teacher is their own […]

How Do You Do PBL in a High School Math Class? (Part 2 of 2)

 Some rights reserved by Michael Foley Photography (This is the second part of a post I first wrote on March 29th)      When I last put finger to keyboard, I wrote that we had rearranged the Algebra 1 curriculum so that it fell in with our plan for teaching during the year.  So what was our […]

PBL Project Idea for Geometry

By Podbay Flickr CC      Two years ago I came up with an idea for a 2 to 3 week project based upon my experiences with moving every couple of years while in the Navy.       I’ve decided I really want SOMEONE to work this project and then get back to me with their version […]