Maybe 2012 Is The Year

     This morning I opened my laptop and within seconds I was reading a thought-provoking blog post by one of the hundreds of educators I follow on Twitter.  When I clicked on the link I didn’t know whether it would be silly, serious, strange, or salient.  But, because it was posted by someone in […]

Keeping The Holiday Spirit      Tonight I am happily home with my family with no sign of student/teacher “stuff” laying about me.  I have just finished A Christmas Carol (with Alastair Sim) and am now listening to KMFA which is doing their annual Festival of Carols.  The tree is trimmed and the lights are hung and it […]

Manor Plays the State Assessment Game      Today I attended our district’s meeting to lock in details for how the state’s new End of Course (EOC) exams will effect our students.  We met to discuss key issues concerning how we would convert the scale score to a grade and how (or if) these exams would effect the Grade Point […]

Why Are You Trying to be Like Us?      Too often I hear “Can you teach me how to do PBL?”  Or, “I would love to be in a school like your school.”  But PBL is not the same in every school.  It’s not even the same in every classroom in my school.  PBL is a way of teaching that should, […]

Frustrations of Creating An Edcamp      I debated waiting to see how the edcamp went and then creating a post that is a reflection/lessons learned style post.  However, I think it is more poignant to let my emotions be current as I discuss frustrations with my handling of this edcamp.      As of today, Edcamp Manor is […]