Connecting Live With Educators December 15, 2015. That’s the date on this draft post I was thinking about writing. It is the second of my 10 “draft” posts I have on my blog. I’m about to shift this blog over to WordPress and away from Blogger. I have 276 blog posts altogether. Most were written over a 4 […]

I Go From Project Idea to Project Launch (PBL with a DT Feel) I’ve just completed a pretty darn nice 2 weeks off for the holidays. Tomorrow I head back to 2 days of PD before the students come back to me on Wednesday. I’ve been spending the last couple of hours fine tuning my first design project of the year. This is my first year of […]

21st Century Skills Must Be Taught and Assessed It’s been a while since I wrote a PBL post and the timing is right because I am creating a PD for our teachers on teaching and assessing school-wide learning outcomes (SWLO’s). SWLO’s are those things we want our students to know how to do outside of the content specific knowledge. To many these […]

Summer Reading Equals Summer Learning

I love reading lists of “books to read during your summer vacation.” The only problem is I don’t ever take time to read for fun during the summer. I save fun reading for during the school year when I need a break from the reality of the day. So what is on my reading list […]

Getting Students to do Deeper Analysis When I attended the New Tech Network’s Annual Conference (NTAC12) I knew which facilitators I wanted to see.  One of the best in our network just happens to have been our school’s NTN Coach for the previous 5 years – Kevin Gant. Kevin is a great guy, a pleasure to work with, and a […]