We Need To Avoid the Calculus Syndrome, Thoughts After ISTE 13

http://www.flickr.com/photos/smbmsp/ The post-ISTE13 comments and blog posts I’ve been seeing have me worried.  There are many educators who are now questioning how basic some of the sessions were and how we need to ensure there are discussions and not just presentations in the sessions.  I think it’s time for a quick reminder of where we […]

ISTE13 Blogger Cafe Keynote Watching

Blogger Cafe ISTE, Tue Keynote The Blogger Cafe is always humming but when the Keynote is going on this is the place to avoid going into the scrum of the auditorium. We’re all watching Steve Johnson who is talking about how old ideas can be revisited and recreated. He included ideas such as the WWW and […]

Monday at ISTE, My Day 2

Blogger Cafe ISTE 13, Tuesday Morning If you read my last post on my thoughts on ISTE 13, then you know I came into San Antonio Friday night and spent Saturday at #hacked13. Unfortunately I had to drive back up to Round Rock that night and spent yesterday there. But this morning I got on […]

The Educator as Learner Conundrum, Thoughts From ISTE ’13

Here it is, mid-June, and school has been out for a few weeks for our teachers in Manor Texas.  Since that time I’ve been able to select books about being a better instructional coach , I’ve attended Ipadpalooza, and now I’m at the ISTE Conference. There are educators at this conference who I saw at Ipadpalooza […]

That Left Out Feeling

http://www.flickr.com/photos/letsbook/      Ah, summer.  That time when teachers pack up their classrooms and move to the pool or the beach.  They are out there hiking, fly fishing, and sailing.  Isn’t it great only working about 40 weeks of the year!  That’s 12 weeks of kicking back and doing nothing.      If only that […]