20 Thoughts on Instructional Coaching

http://goo.gl/CxWFJb Thursday and Friday I attended an incredible training by Steve Barkley. If you haven’t heard of him, get to know him. If you have heard of him and haven’t attended one of his sessions then get going and attend one. As a coach, this is one of those must attend events. What I learned […]

It’s Great to Have Awesome Instructional Technology Specialists

http://www.flickr.com/photos/joealterio/ This week I was sitting in on our ELA teachers as they were working with the Heart of Texas Writing Project. A discussion came up about publishing student work.  There was the usual talk about creating a newspaper or a magazine. But I instantly thought of online opportunities for sharing student work. That’s because […]

Summer Reading Equals Summer Learning

I love reading lists of “books to read during your summer vacation.” The only problem is I don’t ever take time to read for fun during the summer. I save fun reading for during the school year when I need a break from the reality of the day. So what is on my reading list […]