Getting My Head Around Design Thinking As someone who has been teaching “at the tip of the spear” for the last four years, in a PBL school that is considered innovative by conservative education standards, I know that telling people that I feel that I am still teaching in the past will make people shake their heads. In 1992, I […]

NST12 Wrap UP      Whenever you can attend a conference or training and feel exhausted ( not from drinking too much but ) from thinking too much then you have gotten your monies worth.  An obvious conference for me is Educon where you spend the day discussing educational topics.  The problem is that these conversations can […]

Thoughts on Vendor Areas at Conferences {NOTE: After writing this last weekend I started putting in links and realized it was almost identical to my post from Feb.7 .  Guess the thoughts in that post resonated with me. } Last week was the Texas Computer Educators Association (TCEA) annual conference and I was fortunate enough to have an understanding principal […]

What’s Important in a Conference? I don’t have any money.  Let’s put that right up front.  My district?  We’re in Texas – no money there either.   So today I’m attending TCEA 2012 and I’m spending the day with folks I have met through twitter and folks I haven’t had a chance to meet yet but am glad I’m […]

Questioning Normalcy Educon 2.4 came to a close but is far from finished.  The conversations started there will continue in the hallways and faculty lounges around the world and in online discussions via blogs, Facebook, and Twitter.   The overarching word du jour was Innovation. We heard what it was and what it wasn’t. We dissected it […]

Educon 2.4 First Day Reflection “Wow!  My head hurts, but in a good way.”  How many times did I hear some version of that statement tonight.  Yes, it hurts your brain to question what you are doing.  It hurts your brain to question what others are saying they are doing.  And, it hurts your brain to stand firm on […]

PBL With Friends       “To create meaningful PBL units it helps to enlist friends and colleagues.  If they are not in your area of expertise they bring a fresh perspective.  We will discuss creating a PBL unit while brainstorming with a topic and standards given to us from one of the participants.“      That is […]