Educon 2.4 First Day Reflection “Wow!  My head hurts, but in a good way.”  How many times did I hear some version of that statement tonight.  Yes, it hurts your brain to question what you are doing.  It hurts your brain to question what others are saying they are doing.  And, it hurts your brain to stand firm on […]

PBL With Friends       “To create meaningful PBL units it helps to enlist friends and colleagues.  If they are not in your area of expertise they bring a fresh perspective.  We will discuss creating a PBL unit while brainstorming with a topic and standards given to us from one of the participants.“      That is […]

Why Are You Trying to be Like Us?      Too often I hear “Can you teach me how to do PBL?”  Or, “I would love to be in a school like your school.”  But PBL is not the same in every school.  It’s not even the same in every classroom in my school.  PBL is a way of teaching that should, […]