Yes There IS a Right Way to “Do PBL” It started when I was contacted by some friends who were attending the Texas Computer Education Association (TCEA) conference this past February.  “What is your principal saying about PBL here – do you REALLY do this at your campus?” What they were talking about was someone who was filling our spot because we had […]

This Summer Put Something Into Your Sea Bag Early on in my 20 year Navy career I got great advice from a veteran sailor. He said to remember to put something into your sea bag whenever you have a unique experience. If that experience was bad, remember how it happened so you won’t repeat it. If that experience was great, remember how […]

Why Safe + Collaboration = Success There are a few new twists to the PBL training we do with BIE and the one that stands out to me is the purposeful way we have teachers share their work with the others in the room. Of course, as with everything we do, we are modeling for the teachers and showing them […]

It All Starts At The Top I spent 20 years in the Navy. 10 years of active duty followed by 10 years of reserve duty. My wife spent 23 years in the Navy, all active duty. I’ve also been able to work in 8 different schools in 7 different school districts. The one constant for all of these? Leadership is […]

5th Anniversary Post Last night I was participating in the #educoach chat and people started talking about starting to blog. I almost tweeted that I wrote my first post on St. Patty’s Day, 2011. But I stopped and checked the date and I was off by 2 years!  So now I realized that I have been writing posts […]

Does Your Project Pass the Eye-Test? I have been on Twitter since just a few months after they announced who they were at SXSW in 2007. And I have been following the #pblchat on Twitter since, well, I was one of the folks who talked about creating it. So I’ve been there since the beginning. As pbl (project based learning) […]

Fix Those Problems (Math Teaching 101) First, and foremost, I am a student of instruction.  My resume says I have taught math from 6th grade to college algebra; I taught middle school science; I taught introduction to engineering design and digital electronics at the high school level. And, I facilitate teachers in using project based and problem based instruction (PBL). […]

My Brain Hurts (and that’s a good thing) As stated in my last post, Wow, What a Difference!(SXSWedu 2014), “…we need you here. Here, of course being SXSWedu 2015.  Well it seems I am not alone in thinking this. A couple of folks who I palled around with wrote great posts about their experiences this year and are ready to get you […]

Wow, What a Difference! (SXSWedu 2014)

Official Logo Four years. The time it takes for the average student to go from middle school to college. The time it took me to go from high school grad to college grad. And you might say SXSWedu has gone from middle school to college in their first four years. Four years ago, like a […]

Year 4 at SXSWEdu – My Schedule (Wed, Thu) Part 2 of 2

Official Logo “This week will be the 4th edition of South by Southwest Education (SXSWedu) and I have been to every one of them.  This year feels, somehow, different from those first three years and I’m hoping that is a good thing.” That is what I wrote this past weekend prior to arriving for the […]