Am I Really Going To Do An Edcamp Again?

I’m thinking about doing the whole edcamp thing again.  There, I said it.  After my last foray into running an Edcamp (Edcamp Manor) two years ago, I vowed I’d just attend them and never try putting one on again. I wrote about creating the edcamp in an early blog post. Then, I wrote about my frustrations […]

The Future Look of My Edcamp Presentations

Original Central Texas Edcamp First, we all need to agree that one should never, NEVER, do a sit-n-git session at ANY professional development. This is especially true for edcamps. Just putting that out there. If, for example, you have to start a portion of a PD with the phrase, ” I apologize, but for the […]

Edcamps Are a Must

If you’re reading this and either went to Edcamp Waller or another edcamp recently then I want you to send this to some friends who didn’t go so they can read what I have to say. Edcamps are the greatest thing since, well, just about any professional development (PD) you or I have ever been […]

Frustrations of Creating An Edcamp      I debated waiting to see how the edcamp went and then creating a post that is a reflection/lessons learned style post.  However, I think it is more poignant to let my emotions be current as I discuss frustrations with my handling of this edcamp.      As of today, Edcamp Manor is […]