Umm…That’s Not Exactly PBL Have you ever had a teacher tell you a plan for an activity she was going to run in her class and she emphasized the fact that she loves “doing PBL?” This “project,” that will last 3 days, is having the students demonstrate what they have learned in her 6th grade math class over […]

Where Do I Find Project Ideas? I’m just not a creative person.  I never had a big imagination.  I can never think of great ideas.  How do you come up with these project ideas? I hear this all of the time from people new to PBL.  They really think that there will be a dearth of ideas and they will struggle when […]

Thoughts on Co-Teaching a Class

At our school this year we are experimenting with ways to improve the educational experience of our math students. This experiment deals with two math teachers teaching the subjects of Algebra and Geometry to the same group of 9th graders. The students, as of right now, will stay with these two teachers until they have […]