Four Posts to Get You Ready (part 2 of 4) (Part 2 of 4)  “I don’t have a good imagination!”  “How do you get started with PBL?” “Do you have to start with the standards?”  These are all things I have heard when talking PBL with teachers.  And, like writing a letter (or a blog post), it is that first step that is the […]

Four Posts to Get You Ready For the PBL New Year (Part 1 of 4)  2012 is going to be the year!  You have been thinking about using PBL.  You have been reading about it and/or there’s a teacher in your school  using PBL in the classroom.   But where to start?  My suggestion is to treat it like a recipe.  The first thing you […]

Reflections on My First Week of School       If you are a new teacher or are wanting to be a teacher, the post you are about to read may send you away from the profession.  I have worked in 4 high schools, 2 middle schools and 3 community colleges and the first weeks of school only felt successful at […]