Wordle: PBL Blogpost
From Wordle

     The last post I wrote in 2011 was a four parter and dealt with getting started with PBL.   I decided to run those posts through Wordle and the picture to the left is the result.

     The words that really stand out are PBL, Need, Project, and Students.  Not too much smaller are Know and Standards.  I found this interesting in that the standards came out as nearly as important as the word PBL, Project, and Students.

     What really surprised me was the word Need.  I know students really need  a different experience in the classroom.  I know the students need a teacher willing to try something new so that they can benefit from the best learning possible.

     I also know that teachers need support from their peers, their administration and their district curriculum people.   Some of you may be saying that I need to apologize for getting you to read this.  Actually, I just need to see you all having fun with this post.

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