Sometimes teachers can make me really cranky. Sometimes teachers come across as real babies. Sometimes I am so disappointed in teachers who won’t try something new. Sometimes I question why I’ve been able to stay in this profession for over 20 years when I’ve had to hold teachers’ hands since that very first Summer PD in 1992 with the Apple IIE – “Just push some buttons you won’t break it and I’ll help you if you get stuck.”  Sometimes……

But sometimes I meet teachers like Jon Samuelson, known as @ipadsammy , who broke out of the classroom so he could truly help teachers. At first he tried new things in his classroom and then he would help his fellow teachers. He truly cares about teachers learning and being successful.

Sometimes I meet teachers like Todd Nesloney, known as @techninjatodd , who appears fearless in his passion for technology. He, along with his partner in crime Stacey Huffine, known as @techninjastacey, desire to help teachers be the best they can be and go out of their way to show teachers exactly what they need to do to be awesome teachers.  And they also blatantly state that all of this is so that their students can be the best they can be. Their website is awesome.

Sometimes I open up my Tweetdeck and just watch the Twitter stream flow by with hundreds of great teachers sharing their knowledge of technology and how it can be used in the classroom. And on those days I feel uplifted and happy. I think, “Darn it! We CAN make a difference in the educational world.”

And then I think about my teachers at my school. And you know what? Sometimes they can make me really cranky.  And sometimes they can come across as real babies. And there are times when I am frustrated and disappointed with them when they won’t try something new.

But I want to also tell you that I have some pretty darn great teachers at my school. And I also want to say that Decker Middle School is now a New Tech Network School and we’re pretty darn good at what we do – which is educating students in both life and in academics.

So this year, when I start to get frustrated or disappointed I need to ask myself, “What is it that is frustrating me?” And I need to immediately analyze how I can make this frustration into some positive energy so that I can help my teachers even be better. Because, sometimes, I can really act like a baby and not take that extra step to help out a teacher with a really tough problem. And that can really be frustrating to my teachers who are looking for help – sometimes.

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