I read this great editorial the other day by Ross Douthat encouraging people to read things that they might not normally read.  His focus was on politics and how you learn more if you read from authors who you don’t, necessarily, agree with.

I got to thinking what things I read related to education.  Most people think of me as a high school level PBL guy.  But I read about early childhood articles recommended by my friends who are teachers or administrators at the lower elementary level.  I read tech articles that are both education and non-education related.  I read posts by principals dealing with administration issues.  I read posts and articles by higher education folks.  And, I read articles about various teaching strategies and methods from all levels.

Most of the educators I interact with on Twitter seem to do the same as me but is that entirely true?  Do those #kinderchat teachers also read things recommended during #educoach?  Do the principals and superintendents I follow also read tech posts; and do they check in on various twitter chats not related to their school issues?

Well, they should.  And so should I.  That’s what it means to be a professional.  I should read any and every thing related to my profession.  We all should.  Let that be your mantra for 2013.  If you need a list of people to read then start here.  Or, start following the hash tag of a chat you wouldn’t normally follow.  Then read an article or blog post recommended by someone using that hash tag.  This is the year that we all get smarter.  Got to go read something…….

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