I really want to write a blog post today. I wanted to write one yesterday.  This past week was pretty busy so I didn’t think about it. But I wanted to write a post last weekend too.  It’s not like I don’t have anything to say about PBL. It’s not like I haven’t read some great posts that got me thinking that I should write my own post on that certain topic. No, I just can’t seem to get started.

As a matter of fact I’m making myself write this post that may, or may not, get published. I do that quite often. I write a few paragraphs and get distracted and get up from the laptop. When I return I don’t have any interest in finishing the post and it gets deleted (usually) or saved as  draft.  Currently I have 134 published posts and 4 sitting in draft.  One of those drafts is more like a diary entry and will probably never be published. But I do have a couple that I have kept and could dust off and finish and post in short order.

But not today.  It’s lovely outside and I don’t feel like writing a post. Yet, ironically, here I am in my third paragraph – not wanting to write.  What would I write about? There’s PBL stuff I guess. I’ve done a lot of thinking about helping people get over their fear of trying PBL. I’ve thought about how schools, who are planning on using PBL as their primary mode of instruction, could set up their master schedule and their classrooms. Sometimes I feel like I’m ALWAYS thinking about PBL. But I won’t be writing a post about PBL today.

Last week I went to Edcamp Waller (in Waller, TX) and I could write about Edcamps. No, just wrote one and there are tons out there right now because we’re in Edcamp season. There were some great sessions about apps at the edcamp and I could write about them but I’m just not feeling techie today. No inspiration coming from edcamps……hmm…..maybe teaching, in general.

I’m about to conduct training, for our staff, tomorrow morning on C-SCOPE, which our district will be using next year. It houses curriculum and assessment pieces, as well as other great resources. C-SCOPE is a hot button topic in Texas because many school districts are using it as their curriculum, instead of a curriculum resource.

There are conservatives in this state upset with some of the lessons found within it.  Can you believe they portray those great heroes of 1773 (Boston Tea Party) as potential terrorists? All they did was destroy a ship’s (flagged by the Crown) cargo. I mean it’s not like they attacked a U.S. Ship – oh wait, we were under British rule….don’t let me continue, I might say something wrong.  Not writing about that….

You see there’s just nothing to write about today. So I’ll wrap up here. It can really take forever to write a post. I’ve been at this for almost 15 minutes today.  That’s 15 minutes that I won’t get back.  Maybe I’ll sit down tonight and start on a post. Or maybe tomorrow…. I’ve really got nothing to say.

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