As stated in my last post, Wow, What a Difference!(SXSWedu 2014), “…we need you here. Here, of course being SXSWedu 2015.  Well it seems I am not alone in thinking this. A couple of folks who I palled around with wrote great posts about their experiences this year and are ready to get you on board for next year.

The first post I read was from Stephanie Sandifer, entitled #SXSWedu 2014 Brain Dump .  She and I spent a lot of time together so most of what she wrote, she and I had already discussed. But the call to arms line in there was “if you think there is a lack of teacher representation”…(then)…”organize and submit your own proposals…”

Next up was a post from Stephanie Cerda (yes, it seems I know a lot of women named Stephanie), “Hacking #SXSWedu.” Her call to action was more direct since the post was primarily about taking control of the conference. As she said, “Take it as a call to action, and help to make a difference in subsequent years.” I”m ready! Where do I sign up? Well she has an answer for that. She’s already started a spreadsheet for SXSWedu 2015 that you can take part in.

A large presence in @ms_cerda’s post was someone who became a large presence in my SXSW life. That would be Lindsey Own. She also wrote an excellent post with a call to action. Her post, “Myths, Reality and Relationship-Building in the Edtech Community at #SXSWedu” gives some ideas, as the title states, on building relationships between the Edtech entrepreneur and educators. It’s a must read as you start planning on how you will put together your plan for SXSWedu 2015.

You ARE going to SXSWedu 2015, aren’t you? Find other posts on SXSWedu 2014. Sign into the spreadsheet for next year and offer an idea or offer to be on a panel. Then stay tuned for information on submitting panel proposals followed by the all-important panel picker season when you get to pick panels that you want to hear.  We need you. And if you are like me all this thinking about next year will be hurting your brain – and that IS a good thing!

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