Tonight I am happily home with my family with no sign of student/teacher “stuff” laying about me.  I have just finished A Christmas Carol (with Alastair Sim) and am now listening to KMFA which is doing their annual Festival of Carols.  The tree is trimmed and the lights are hung and it just feels like Christmas.

      In another 11 days I will be turning 54 years old.  Between now and then we will celebrate Christmas day and we will have plenty of family time.  This year, as in the last few years, I will be pursuing something new during the week after Christmas dealing with getting in shape.  Two years ago it was starting a work out regimen at the local YMCA.  Last year it was buying and reading The Four Hour Body followed by a work out schedule including the addition of a vitamin regimen.

     This year’s physical plan?  I will be meeting with a woman on the 28th to look into starting Crossfit.  I’m not sure what to expect but I do know I have seen some amazing results from the three women I work with who have being doing crossfit for a few months to a year.  And, unlike many workout regimens, these women really look like they are happy with their crossfit family.

     When you are my age you don’t just jump into these workout “fads” lightly.  I sent a LONG email to the woman who will introduce me to the crossfit world.  It outlined the fact that I am about 60 pounds overweight.  I told her I have bad knees and am worried about all of the squatting that takes place during crossfit workouts.  And, I told her my age.   Sprinkled between the lines of woe were assurances that I had completed 5 marathons and innumerable shorter distance races.  And that I played college lacrosse and college ultimate frisbee.  I didn’t even mention my 20 years in the Navy and Navy Reserve because, to be honest, it didn’t require being in great shape to stay in the Navy for a career.

     So, on this quiet and contemplative night I am glad to be alive.  I’m glad for being with my wife for the last 24 years.  I’m glad for my two kids who are pretty darn good.  And, I’m so thankful that I can do something as crazy as signing up for crossfit.  I may be a fat old guy but I still have the drive to one day fit back into my Navy uniform and to one day run another marathon.  As long as I’m dreaming – I’d like to finish an ultra-marathon.  I think I have the mental toughness to do it.  Now I just need the body weight to make it happen.

    Happy holidays to my faithful readers (both of you) and I hope 2012 lasts for 365 days and next year, at this time, we are getting ready for 2013.

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