Last week I attended Edcamp Austin. Then I sat down and started writing a post about my day. I didn’t get very far because I wasn’t feeling well and the creative juices just weren’t flowing. So, the next day I started again. I re-read what I had written, fixed typos, wrote a few more sentences and called it a day.

A few days later I was starting to feel better and so I opened up the blog and re-read (yet again) what I had written. I rewrote a few sentences and maybe added two more sentences and then stopped. Later that night I read a really great AND INFORMATIVE blog post and I realized that I write, almost entirely, for myself. I don’t try and write a great “how-to” post. I don’t write posts about “20 Great blah, blah blahs..” And, not that I can’t be deep, I don’t write a post that makes the whole world take notice. I write for me.

Now, is that a bad thing? No, definitely not. The best educators, business people, and politicians take time to reflect on their work and on their thinking. Reflection is a key element in the PBL process and is a key difference between a great teacher and a pretty good teacher. I like to write reflective pieces.

And so tonight I started beating myself up because I hadn’t finished the post I had started a week ago. But darn it – I’m not on commission. I don’t get paid to write posts. My only deadlines are self imposed. So you know what I did? I opened up a new post and started writing. And what you are reading is what I ended up writing.

The other post? I’m about to go in and hit “delete” on that post. It was about Edcamp Austin and there will be another edcamp in my future. I didn’t do anything Earth shattering in my session there. As a matter of fact I didn’t do much at all because I felt pretty darn sick and only did a session because my friend asked me if I would. No biggie..

I can now finish this post up and hit “publish.”  It may not get any views and that’s OK. I’m writing this to remind myself that it’s OK to just write for, well, myself.  And I hope that if you actually have gotten this far in this post that you stop and, just this once, write a post (or a journal entry or diary entry) just for yourself. You can even use the same title. But write down your thoughts and think about something you did this month, this week, or maybe this weekend or today.

When you finish it go ahead and post it – if you have a blog. No blog? Then attach it here in my comments section. Or, if you aren’t ready to let others read it – put it somewhere with a set date that you intend to re-read it. And when you re-read it write another post or entry about what you’re thinking about at that point. Before you know it, you might have created a blog that others stumble upon and decide that, maybe, they can write posts too.  Thank you for reading – and writing.

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