Cafe Du Monde

I just finished up my first 24 hours in New Orleans and I’m getting ready for the New Tech Network’s annual conference ( NTAC 13 ) to start tomorrow morning.

When I knew I was coming I started looking at some guides to the city and I started asking my twitter folks, who live in the area, where I should go while I was here.

My first objective was to find a place to eat that would handle a business-type client, that gave a real New Orleans feel, and was open on Mondays.

The two gentlemen I asked were quick to respond and gave me some specific and varied possibilities. And, combined with some reviews, persuaded me to make a reservation at Tujaques.

Now, I have lived in this area in the past and I always liked Tujaques. And, it has been around since, virtually, forever. So I made reservations even though I ended up getting more and more recommendations that steered me towards “better” restaurants or “more modern” restaurants.

And that’s the point of this post. In the end I must have had recommendations for 20 different restaurants.  There were even recommendations for a few others, “but I’d have to drive a little.”  New Orleans does not have a dearth of places to eat. And everyone has their favorites.

So when you come here – because, eventually, everyone comes here – you should ask people for recommendations. But you should realize that there’s a better restaurant than the one you’re eating at in the next block over.

     The following is a sampling of restaurants recommended to me with a link to their info:

Central Grocery
Court of Two Sisters
Camellia Grill
Red Fish Grill
Muriel’s at Jackson Square
Bon Ton Cafe
Dickie B’s Steak House

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