As I get ready for the New Tech Conference in Grand Rapids I have been hearing lots of commentary by teachers on what they are bringing.   Invariably I hear them lamenting the costs of checking baggage.   But, in our world (home), the thought of checking bags is a non-starter.  “Do NOT let them get your hands on your bags.”  That is the battle cry of my wife, Sheila Scarborough, who is a social media trainer for the travel and tourism world.

     So, as I get ready for my trip the number one thought going through my mind is what not to bring.  That makes it much easier than if I had my heart set on a certain item and had to give it up to make it fit.  When I arrive at the check in I will have my carry-on luggage and a computer bag.  Nothing else.   So where do I start?

     Since I live with the woman I always ask my wife to go through my packing with me to make sure I haven’t forgotten anything and to make sure I’m not taking too much stuff.  For those of you who don’t live with her she has created a great video on “How to Pack a Carry on Suitcase.”

     As you saw in that video, you really can pack a lot in there if you plan right.  And to plan right you need to look at your itinerary.  Mine?  Well, I fly into Chicago on Saturday for a conference that is in Grand Rapids on Tuesday.  I fly out of Chicago the following Saturday and the conference ends on Thursday.  That gives me days before and after to travel and see a bit of Michigan.

     But, that means I need clothes for seeing a baseball game and having a few beers (maybe a nice dinner) in Chicago.  It means conference attire and workout wear for the conference days.  And it means clothes to go hiking or a run along the beach at Sleeping Bear Dunes  Northwest of Grand Rapids.

     I’ve already decided that I need enough clothes to make it until Wednesday.  I will have to wash clothes on Tuesday or Wednesday during the conference.  A bit inconvenient but worth not checking a bag and paying to worry about it not arriving at my destination.

     You can do a conference with minimum clothing.  But, you really do have to plan out each day in advance.  Watch the video and make a list of what you want to bring and you can successfully avoid those baggage handlers who so lovingly take care of your luggage.

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