Welcome to the Carnival of Cities blog carnival, where we tour the world in a single post, via submissions from a variety of different blogs, all about any aspect of one, single city or fair-sized town.

This blog hosts the carnival a couple of times a year so if you have an education-related post that relates to or is set in one city, you can participate too.

The previous Carnival edition was hosted on Sheila’s Guide, and you’ll find the next one (February 22, 2012) on the Perceptive Travel Blog.

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Here is the roundup….

Cities in the Americas

Columbus, Ohio, USA   Joe Vargo presents German Village Guesthouse: Live Like a Local posted at The Columbus Experience, saying, “The German Village Guest House gives travelers a chance to live like a local in one of the nation’s most prized historic districts.”

Honolulu, Hawaii, USA   Kailani presents The Waikiki Aquarium posted at An Island Life.

Plains, Georgia, USA   Jack Norell presents The Billy Carter Gas Station Museum, Plains, GA posted at Eyeflare – Travel Articles and Tips, saying, “For an unusual pit stop, visit the service station that used to be owned by President Carter’s brother, Billy Carter. Well known for selling more beer than gas, it’s a real piece of Americana.”

Detroit, Michigan, USA   Caitlin Fitzsimmons presents Why Detroit is worth visiting posted at Roaming Tales, saying, “Is Detroit the most underrated travel destination in America?”

Oaxaca, Mexico   Steve Lafler presents My New Oaxaca Painting Blog posted at Self Employment for Bohemians, saying, “Oaxaca is a true cultural jewel, a hub of art, ruins, museums and matchless cuisine. I’m starting a project of painting scenes from Oaxacan life and posting the images.”

Los Angeles, California, USA   Sheila Scarborough presents Los Angeles through a camera lens posted at the Perceptive Travel Blog.

Nassau, the Bahamas   Shereen Rayle presents Shereen Travels Cheap: Frugal Vacation Destination: Nassau 1.11.12 posted at Shereen Travels Cheap.

Cities in Europe

Dudley, United Kingdom   Matthew Hyde presents Becoming a City: The future of Dudley? posted at Geeks Shall Inherit the Earth, saying, “In a few months my home town will discover if it’s been upgraded to a city. But what difference will it make to the soul of the place?”

Jokkmokk, Sweden   Lola Akinmade Åkerström presents Sweden’s winter Sámi festival : Cultural Activities posted at BBC Travel, saying, “Despite the chilly temperatures, more than 30,000 people flock to Swedish Lapland every February to revel in the history of one of the world’s oldest nomadic cultures.”

Antwerp, Belgium   Sarah presents A Little Moment in Antwerp posted at Natsumi, saying, “Photography of Antwerp.”

Schmalkalden, Germany   Adam Groffman presents Visiting Schmalkalden, Germany: nougats & a Christmas market posted at Travels of Adam, saying, “Schmalkalden, Germany (located in central Germany) is a surprisingly quaint and nice town. With a chocolate nougat factory and the surrounding forest, the city offers a nice weekend break from most major cities nearby.”

Tallinn, Estonia   MoTravels presents Exploring Tallinn in Winter posted at MO TRAVELS.

London, United Kingdom   Johnathan Johnson presents Five Fun Free Things to do in London posted at Glamping — Camping in Heels.

Cities in Asia

Siem Reap, Cambodia   Michael Hodson presents Siem Reap, Cambodia Travel Guide posted at Go, See, Write – overland RTW adventure travel.

That concludes this edition, and thanks very much for visiting.

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