Thoughts About This Coding Craze

In 1976 I set off to the University of South Carolina on a Navy ROTC scholarship to major in Math and Computer Science. In 1986 I was taking courses in computer architecture and the language ADA as I worked on my master’s degree in Engineering. In 1992 I helped teach a computer class to teachers […]

Using An Old Challenge to Teach Project Management When I talk with teachers about getting started with PBL I often tell them to think of something they have seen done before and take the idea and make it their own. But I also caution them to think of their content first – what are the verbs and nouns in their standards? Unless […]

I Go From Project Idea to Project Launch (PBL with a DT Feel) I’ve just completed a pretty darn nice 2 weeks off for the holidays. Tomorrow I head back to 2 days of PD before the students come back to me on Wednesday. I’ve been spending the last couple of hours fine tuning my first design project of the year. This is my first year of […]

A Pessimist Thinks Optimistically About His Upcoming Birthday If you don’t have to live with me you may not realize how much of a pessimist I am. Yes, in fact, the sky IS falling. As a good Fancher I put on a very strong “brave face” and laugh off those bad things that happen to me or to my family and friends. […]

Saying Goodbye to a Good Pet

[UPDATED   This post was originally written on December 7th. We weren’t ready to have this news out of Facebook so quickly so I waited to actually publish it. ] If you’ve had a pet you know where this is heading… [You can stop now I won’t be offended. If you continue, you may want […]

Building Empathy Through Interviews 7th graders are all over the map when it comes to emotions. So, on one level, you might think that it isn’t hard to get them to develop empathy. But how many of your students, at any grade level, have conducted interviews to gain knowledge of their interviewee? My first semester at Meridian school […]

Smart Kids Need Competition Too Not a very smart title to this post because many of you will have seen competitions such as Speech and Debate , or  Robotics Competitions, National Academic Quiz Tournaments, or even Model UN.  But there are others who may not realize what these competitions are all about. If you are in that camp then I […]

Still Ripping Educators Off I started (this current round of…) getting upset about this (continuing) problem of educators being ripped off for supplies, a couple of weeks ago. I was talking about it with a fellow educator and he reminded me of a time when a teacher went to the vendor floor at a conference. She commented on […]

Don’t Make Me Call I hate phones. There. I’ve said it. I’m not sure when it started. But probably when I was very young. You see, in our family, everyone had to be part of a phone conversation. I think it came from my father’s generation when it was unique to get a call from someone and therefore […]

You See, It Takes Time We are seeing a real dichotomy in education these days. Thanks to social media we are exposed to teachers, at all levels, doing wonderful things with their students. We’re seeing students doing incredible things that they have chosen to do – not because they are completing an assignment that they have to do.   […]